Pike Street Market…

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We spent a couple hours looking around the REI store in Seattle and then went to Pike Street Market, I think it’s a law that if you are a tourist in Seattle you have to go there. unfortunately it was late in the day when we got there, but still enjoyed it. Lots of interesting things to see. We then had dinner at “Falafel King”, a tiny little place that had 5 seats inside and 5 or 6 tables outside. It was Very good food. Also quite inexpensive, more Beef Shawarma than I could finish for $7.50. It was also amusing how nonchalant the birds are toward people. They didn’t seem to even notice until you get within about 3 feet of them. Then there was a couple of Oregon Junkos who would gladly help us to clean up any of the Safron rice we dropped on the ground. Of course being Seattle there is a Starbucks, Tullys, or Seattles Best coffee shop on at least every other corner. Frequently even all on the same corner.

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  1. Huh, I didn’t know that non-lamb shwarma existed. Interesting.

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