Forts Stevens & Clatsop and Astoria Oregon

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We finally had a couple days without rain! It was a beautiful day I even wore my shorts for the day. The only down side to not having wind and rain is that the Mosquitoes were a bit more friendly. After several days of rain we finally broke down and purchased a couple rain worthy jackets, which coincidentally seem to be available at nearly every shop we happen to stop at, we figure getting them is a sure-fire way of clearing the skies. We found a little Bosnian Restaurant in Astoria Called “Drina Daisy”. It appeared to be one of the places that is an $80.00 a plate dinner, but we both ate lunch and I had a turkish Kafe and Carole had a Bosnian Cola and it all totaled about $25.00. The food was absolutely wonderful,I recommend that everyone find this place and eat there. While in Astoria we went to the Astoria Column and climbed the 164 steps to the top. We didn’t realize while we were in the gift shop that it is customary to buy a little Balsa wood glider to throw off the top of the column. They fly for an amazingly long time. I did wonder how many of those little planes were crashed in the woods surrounding the point. We then went for a ride around Fort Stevens in a 1951 Deuce and a half. It was a bit jarring but a lot of fun and a very informative tour. Evidently Ft. Stevens was the only U.S. soil that was actually fired upon during WWII. The other very interesting thing that never occurred to me, is that there was actually any Civil war activity in the Northwest. They told us that President Lincoln was the on who commissioned Forts Stevens, Canby and Columbia, all of which were there to defend the mouth of the Columbia from Confederate and British invasion.

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  1. Don’t worry, I’m sure they have people go collect them so that they can sell them again. 😀

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