No Vampires or Werewolves seen!

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We camped at Mora campground in the Olympic Nat’l Forest not far from Forks,WA. We didn’t see any sign of either Vampires or Werewolves. In Forks you can get your “Twilight” stuff at any of at least 4 different stores dedicated to said, as well as, the one grocery store and many other little gas stations etc.  While we were in Mora it was dripping on us even when it wasn’t raining. I think Carole was very pleased by the humidity level though.

We also went down to see Rialto Beach which, according to the literature, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Washington coast. To us it really looked like a very large trash heap due to the logs washed up on the beach, I guess that might be beautiful to some.

So…camping in a rainforest: It’s wet. It drips even when there isn’t real rain.  I think the fog layer, which is about 30 feet above our heads, just condenses on the tree leaves and then drips. This could be why it is called a rainforest. Just for a change, in between getting dripped on, there are small rain showers.  We put up the canopy this night.

The campground is also pretty private feeling, what with all the green growy stuff trying to engulf your car as it is parked.  I was only somewhat surprised to not be covered in vines when we woke up the next morning.  The campground has flush toilets, but no showers — well, not the artificial kind… in a building… with hot water.  Since we keep getting rained on we are seriously considering buying rain coats of some kind.  Yes, we are aware of Murphy: if we buy raincoats, it will stop raining. The price of the campground was a really reasonable $12.  We are not sure, but it looked like from the sign, that if we bought an America The Beautiful Pass (for National Parks, Forests, BLM, and other stuff run by the Federal government) that we would get a discount and would only pay $6. But, the sign was a bit unclear.  And there wasn’t anyone to ask, since it is a self-check in system where you put money in a envelope and drop it in a box.  Tomorrow we are going to the Hoh Rainforest and walk around, getting wet, without raincoats.  Maybe we should get those raincoats.

I figured out why vampires get to run around in the daylight here.  It is because there really isn’t any full daylight here.  The sun is rumored to be up, but the constant cloud cover means that it never really shines in a vampire-flaming kind of way, at least not this time of year.  Raincoats, did I mention raincoats?




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2 Responses to No Vampires or Werewolves seen!

  1. One- BUNNY!
    Two – the funny thing about all the logs on the beach is that presumably it’s always been that way (logs being natural and all) so it’s not like all those people who think it’s beautiful saw it cleared or anything… huh

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