Salt Creek County Park, WA

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Again I’m running a bit behind on my posts, maybe I will get caught up sometime.  These photos are are of Salt Creek County Park a little south (west?) of Port Angeles,Wa. It was a very nice campground and we went down to the shore and managed to see a few tide pools with critters and everything. There were also a couple WWII bunkers there in defense of the coast. The weather has been pretty nice except for the rain. It’s been tolerable, but there none the less.

This was a really great campsite: less expensive, about $12, I think; lots of trees, so it felt pretty private; a very short walk to the steps down to the shoreline. We are going to look into more county parks, rather than state or national, to see if we can find similar price and amenities. The shoreline along this part of the coast is mostly rocky, which makes great tide pools, and mussel beds.  Even I could recognize them as mussel beds. It looks like mostly basalt rocks.

The photos of a pier and later of rainforest-y looking trees are at Neah Bay and the beginning of the trail to the Neah Bay Lighthouse.  We wimped-out at the climb to the light house.  I want to find a more accessible lighthouse, so I have some energy left to actually climb the steps.

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3 Responses to Salt Creek County Park, WA

  1. Or maybe geoduck beds! You’re near Olympia after all.

  2. The stories need more details!

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