Logan Utah

We are in Logan, UT for a couple months. Carole is the Costume Shop Manager for the Utah Festival Opera (UFO)  this season. So far we really like Logan, it seems to be much cooler than St.George (good for Me), and the Humidity is much higher (good for Carole). As it turns out My nephew Derrick is getting married in Northern Idaho mid July (good for him). Any way, I’m going to go up there in a week or so and help get things ready for the wedding. Then Carole will drive up in a new (used) car we got to trade to Her son, Seth, so she can get her Miata back. That will happen the day before the wedding as her job with the UFO ends on the 13th and the wedding is on the 14th. After the wedding we will drive to Seattle and trade cars, drive back to Idaho, then to Logan, then back to St.George, just in time for the hottest part of the summer there. It’s looking like there are a few people checking in on the Full Montero so I will try and post here a bit more regularly. Unfortunately there aren’t any pictures to post with this one.

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