This page will have information about our vehicles. It will contain issues I am having as well as fixes and/or modifications.  Right now we have, of course the 1998 Mitsubishi Montero

It has been a great ride.We’ve put a lot of miles on it and enjoyed it very much.At this point it runs quite well even though it consumes a bit of oil (I guess that’s to be expected when a machine gets near the 200K mark.

The other vehicle we currently have is also a 1998. It’s a Land Rover Discovery.

There have been a few issues with it in the past… I had to replace the thermostat, then the timing gear cover gasket was leaking, which was a rather drawn out process of pulling the front of the engine apart. Recently the radiator was leaking in a couple spots( I think that was from me over tightening things when I put it back together after replacing the afore mentioned gasket.) Currently the only spots in the driveway are from a very small power steering leak that I probably won’t do anything to remedy. I have done a few minor modifications. The most significant one was to install new Shocks and Springs. I got them from Great Basin Rovers (now called GBR) in Salt Lake City,UT.


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