Logan Utah

We are in Logan, UT for a couple months. Carole is the Costume Shop Manager for the Utah Festival Opera (UFO)  this season. So far we really like Logan, it seems to be much cooler than St.George (good for Me), and the Humidity is much higher (good for Carole). As it turns out My nephew Derrick is getting married in Northern Idaho mid July (good for him). Any way, I’m going to go up there in a week or so and help get things ready for the wedding. Then Carole will drive up in a new (used) car we got to trade to Her son, Seth, so she can get her Miata back. That will happen the day before the wedding as her job with the UFO ends on the 13th and the wedding is on the 14th. After the wedding we will drive to Seattle and trade cars, drive back to Idaho, then to Logan, then back to St.George, just in time for the hottest part of the summer there. It’s looking like there are a few people checking in on the Full Montero so I will try and post here a bit more regularly. Unfortunately there aren’t any pictures to post with this one.

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Here are a few pictures of my custom install of the 100 watt inverter into the dash of the Discovery.

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It looks like we’ve settled in St.George, Utah for now. Carole has ended up with gainful employment at Dixie State College. We may be looking to buy a house in the area, but for now, we are living in our trailer in an RV park so we don’t feel pressed to buy anything too quickly.

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Trail ride in Nevada

Went out with a few other people yesterday. Had two College students here on spring break from Tennessee with us. I also put the route on “Every Trail” you can find it here.We had a great day seeing a few different places with Anasazi rock art.

We also went to an area of Hobgoblins, the erosion patterns are very amazing and imagination inspiring. I did more walking out there than I have for a while, even got in a little rock scrambling and experienced a small slot canyon

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Bert’s 50th

For my birthday I decided to go out with a group of people and do a bit of off-roading. I had a wonderful time. Can’t think of much better to do on this day. After I got back Carole took me out to Outback For dinner. Very nice meal. All in all it was a very good Birthday. Here are a few pictures of my day out.

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On our way to Utah

Well here we are part way to Utah. Before we left Lewiston We got some new “Old Man Emu” shocks and springs for the Land Rover to make it easier to tow our camper trailer. I got the parts from Great Basin Rovers in Salt Lake City. On the Way down we had to stop by there and return a few Extra parts. Met Bill,Shawn & Tom. They seem to be good folks who are very knowledgeable and generous, as well as quite friendly. Highly recommend GBR if you need things for you Land Rover.   We just discovered that as we slept in Provo last night we got about an inch of snow…Surprise,surprise. We ended up getting out of Boise a bit later than we wanted when we stopped for gas I noticed a puddle of coolant under and a bit of steam emanating from under the hood. It was a hose clamp on the radiator that was evidently leaking. Replaced that and started out only to find out that we lost more coolant than I realized. We had to go back to Boise and buy more coolant. I havent got much in the way of photos on this trip but will try to get something posted soon.

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Thinking of places to go in the future.

If there is anyone who would like to see more posts here please let me know.


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